The Experience of Enrico:

“My name is Enrico Signorini and I’m a student from Santa Croce sull’Arno, Tuscany, Italy. I’m also the assistant of the Computer Science teacher at Nkey s.r.l.

Thanks to this agency I had the opportunity to take part in the Grundtvig Workshop about mindmaps based in Poznan, Poland.

Thanks to this beautiful experience I had the opportunity not only to learn some informations about mindmaps, but also to know a new culture and visit a beautiful country such as Poland.

During this six-days project I discovered a new way to recollect informations and to help remembering things: the Mindmaps.

The interesting part of these tools is that they can be used almost to recollect every kind of information, from the mathematical formulas to the important parts of a text.

In the future I want to study to become a psychologist and I think I can use them in this field, as an important tool to recollect the inner feelings of a person. All the activities were very interesting and well organised and the teachers were very polite and motivating.

Moreover, in this project we had to work in groups, so I had the possibility to develop a relationship with people from Bulgaria, Spain, Romania, Greece and Luxembourg. Even if I was the youngest of the group, all the other participants always made me feel like a younger brother and so I never felt alone or sad. I think it has been a great opportunity and I’d like to thank all Nkey s.r.l. for giving me the possibility to join this kind of project.”