Programma: Erasmus +

Key Action: Learining Mobility of Individuals

Action: Mobility of learners and staff

Action Type: Youth Exchange and Staff Mobility

Call 2018

Project identification

Project Title: Integration Recipe

 Partners: Asociatia Pro Xpert (Romania), Fondazione Toscana Sostenibile Onlus with Nkey support (Italy), Akademiya na Uspeha (Bulgaria), Ingefiex (Spain), Politistiki Anazitisi Lesvou Amke (Greece), Asociacija Apkabink Europa (Lituania) Youth Association Info Front – Prilep (Macedonia), Kasif Genclik Ve Spor Kulubu Dernegi (Turkey), Gastronomický Spolok (Slovakia) .

Place: Vâlcea County – Romania

Project duration: 01.01.2018 – 31.12.2018
Dates of the Youth Exchange:  22.08.2018 – 29.08.2018

There are 45 young participants between 18-30 years old – and 9 leaders from 9 countries: Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Macedonia, Slovakia, Spain, Turkey and Romania. All these young persons coming from countries with very different economic, social and cultural (including religious) background, being different themselves from the point of view of professional background, life experience, age, social status etc. will work together for 8 days, increasing their awareness on the importance of food as an universal language for promoting diversity, intercultural&inter-religious dialogue, common values of freedom, tolerance and respect of human rights in our daily life.
Project Activities

Participants should have in common a certain interest for sharing knowledge/experiences on challenges to combat marginalization/social exclusion faced by young migrants/refugees and for cultural connections through the food, open-minded, tolerance, availability to work in a multicultural environment and to accept diversity.

Project Objective

The overall objective of this project is to contribute to migrants/refugees integration by using the great potential of food in creating cross-cultural education and understanding, in improving interactions and cooperation.